Every project is a unique opportunity to make your client’s dreams a reality. With details of design and function added to enhance your client’s lifestyle, the final result is a place your clients can’t wait to call “home.”

Dome4u automation solutions are designed to make homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and more secure— complementing your home designs with personalized features and experiences that transform a dream home into a dream way of living. Set yourself apart and appeal to a more informed, tech-savvy homebuyer by integrating home automation technology into your projects.

Niio Media Art

“Niio. Art for a digital age.”

“Niio connects with our digital culture by enabling and stimulating the market for video and new media art. Our curated distribution platform empowers a global network of leading artists, galleries, libraries and institutions to self-publish media art forms which can be borrowed or acquired and then viewed on connected display devices anywhere in the world”


Sleek in-wall or tabletop touch screens make it easy for total control from anywhere in the room, through an intuitive interface. Custom wallpapers can be added to match the room’s decor.

Elegant and Efficient Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the biggest opportunities for you to subtly, but effectively, influence the ambiance of your home and complement the aesthetics of its decor. You can turn on the entire room—or multiple rooms—with a single light switch and ramp over dim illumination to whatever level you desire. And if you don’t care for the banks of switches on your wall, your lighting controls can be centralized elsewhere, such as in a closet, to avoid distracting from the style of your home.

Smart lighting is both beautiful and energy efficient. Your lighting automatically turns on when you need the light, but turns itself off when no one is in the room.

World Top Hi-Fi Systems from Steinway-Lyngdorf

Feel the real exclusive and perfect sound from Steinway-Lyngdorf Hi-Fi Systems. From “the world best in class 2015, 2016 and 2017” bookshelf speakers Model S to the “flagship masterpiece” Model D, the world finest audio system ever created.